Terms & Conditions

Once an online, written, or verbal booking has been accepted by New Forest Holistics, You, the client, will have entered into an agreement to receive treatment based on the following terms and conditions.



If you arrive early, please contact me on WhatsApp or your normal messaging service at 07864849647, so I’m aware. If you’re late, it may not be possible to have a full 60-minute session. This is entirely at my discretion and is based on prior commitments scheduled around your appointment time. If you become unwell beforehand, please do not attend. Just contact me and let me know so we can reschedule.



Full payment must be made prior to the session. If payment isn’t made, any treatment will not go ahead. You’re welcome to pay via cash, bank transfer or by using a card reader I’ll supply.



I require 24 hours’ notice if you intend to cancel. Cancellations with less than 24 hours may be subject to a charge of up to the full amount of the session.



I will do my utmost to ensure you’re aware of the correct pricing at the time of booking but they may be subject to change without notification.


Refusal Of Treatment

I have the right to refuse or withdraw and discontinue treatment at any time if I feel it is not in the best interests of myself or you to continue. Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. If you’re under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, you’ll also be refused. If you’re receiving medical treatment, it’s your responsibility to both notify me and consult with your GP prior to booking. At no point will I suggest you ignore the advice of any medical professional.


Sensitive & Personal Information

During our sessions together, we may discuss sensitive and personal information. At no point will anything discussed be disclosed to anyone. The Reiki sessions are strictly private and confidential. The only exception to this is if I believe you may be a danger to yourself or others.

Any information stored electronically is kept safe and secure. Nothing beyond personal contact information will be stored. The sessions are to be considered a safe space for you to talk openly if you want.



I cannot guarantee any particular results or benefits of your Reiki sessions. Sometimes even holistic approaches to therapy can ‘revisit’ past emotions, and feelings can bring back and heighten past emotions. The goal of a Reiki session, should we come across that, is to continue on a journey towards peace. If there is anything that you’re concerned about, please let me know at the start of a session.

At the close of any Reiki treatment, there is always a time period for us to discuss what may have been seen or felt before you leave.

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