Reiki Healing In The New Forest


What Is Reiki

Founded hundreds of years ago in Japan, Reiki is the process of transferring universal energy to help heal, bring peace and promote well-being.

This Japanese form of therapy is about bringing harmony. The word itself is derived from Rei, meaning universal spirit and Ki, meaning life force or energy.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had Reiki before or if you’re looking to book your first session; I’d love to help you.

"We cannot see electricity, yet can turn on lights at will. Reiki is like turning on the light of healing that exists in all of us." 

- Jeanmarie Wilson

How It Works

All Reiki sessions with me are conducted peacefully and privately. You’re welcome to my home, or if need be, I can travel to you.

The sessions start with a brief consultation, so I can understand what your focus is on, and then we’ll begin. I’ll help bring you into a meditative-like state and then, using Reiki symbols and techniques, begin to channel energy.

During this time, you should feel peaceful, calm and relaxed. Gentle music will be playing to help aid you in ‘zoning out’ from daily thoughts that otherwise occupy your mind.

After around 60 minutes of treatment, I’ll guide you back into the here and now.

My Experience With Reiki

“I’ve often found daily life a struggle. From low self-esteem, anxiety and depression, amongst other things. I knew I needed to make some changes to my life, but I didn’t feel like I had the strength to do so.

My first experience with Reiki was from a YouTube video of all things. I could physically feel something, and so I set about finding someone to help me.

Reiki gave me the ability to push myself in ways I never thought possible, and because of it, I’ve found answers to questions I’ve had for decades.

My hope is that Reiki will be just as powerful for you.”

Roderick – Reiki Practitioner At New Forest Holistics

Starting Your Reiki Journey

I clearly recall my first Reiki session. It was a mix of emotions and nerves, yet moments into starting the session, I was overcome with a sense of peace.

I want you to know that everything in Reiki comes from a place of love. There is no judgement and, most of all, nothing to fear.

Before your session begins, we’ll talk about what you’re hoping to achieve and why you felt the need to receive Reiki.

From there, I’ll help you relax as the session starts.


  • Where Are You Based?

    My home address is Kitchers Close, Hythe, SO45 3AD. At the time of booking, I’ll confirm the house number for you.

  • What Happens In A Session?

    First, we’ll have a brief chat about why you’re looking for Reiki treatments. You’re welcome to go into as much or as little detail as you’re comfortable with.

    I’ll gently guide you to a meditative state and then begin the Reiki treatment.

  • Do I Need To Know Anything Before?

    Not especially. Reiki is slightly different for everyone. You may see colours or visions. You may feel warmth or coldness.

    Reiki is different for everyone. The only thing you need is to be wanting and willing to receive the energy that’s offered.

  • Do I Need To Bring Anything With Me?

    I’ll have everything required for a Reiki session ready before you arrive, or if I’m travelling to you, I’ll bring everything with me. 

    Afterwards, I’ll offer you a cold glass of water. 

  • What Do I Wear?

    Anything you’re comfortable in. Avoid anything that you’re going to find too tight or irritable after a while. 

  • How Much Is A Session?

    Sessions are priced at £40 and last approximately one hour.

    You’re welcome to do a bank transfer before or on the day, pay in cash, or I can provide a card reader at the end of the session.

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